Social Run Club

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What is it?
A weekly running club. £1 per session. No membership required. We are registered with Run England and the group is taken by a fully insured Run Leader. This is a social run, split into groups by ability, there will always be someone running at your pace and no-one gets left behind.

Why would I want to run with a group?
The aim of these sessions are to motivate, encourage, support & inspire. For you, this might mean to get out the door, or to achieve a certain time, or complete an event. Having a group around you can dramatically improve your chances of achieving your goals.
The group also aims to introduce runners to other runners in the local area. However, this is not a dating agency, and we make no promises you’ll find your true love!

Where is it?
We meet at the bottom of Grand Avenue on Worthing seafront, there’s plenty of free parking, and a choice of routes to take, including flat, traffic free options.

When is it?
Every Sunday morning at 9am. Please arrive ready for the group to start running at 9.

How far do we go?
Well, that’s up to you, the session lasts for about an hour and the group will be split into different paces. The quicker groups will cover more ground and possibly more challenging routes. We’ll work out the groups at the beginning of each session and you can decide where you belong.

What if I can’t run?
ShoreFit Run Club aims to be as inclusive as possible, slow or fast, we’re all runners. But for the benefit of the group as a whole, we do expect runners to be able to run for 30 minutes.
If this sounds like too much, we also offer 8 week beginners courses to get you up to this level.

Can I bring my kids?
Running with children is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and there’s nothing better than leading by example. Children aged 12 and over are welcome accompanied by an adult, and it’s 16 and upwards for everyone else.

What if I have a disability?
Can you run for 30 minutes? We would rather see what you can do, not what you can’t do.
If you have any special requirements then just let us know beforehand.

So what are you waiting for?
5k runners, marathon runners, ultra runners, fun-runners. Lace up your shoes and come and join us!

If there are any questions you still have unanswered, or if you just want tell me how excited you are about joining, please click here to let me know.