Personal Training

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Personal Training
A Personal Trainer’s job is to help you reach your goals, to develop exciting workout programmes and to motivate you to succeed. Once we’ve met for you free consultation we can start to get down to the hard work and I do mean hard work, there is no easy way to become fit and healthy.

Your personal goals may include:
• Weight loss
• General wellbeing
• Body Sculpting
• Muscle Building
• Post-natal
• Occasion specific – Wedding/Holiday
• Event Specific – 10k/Triathlon

These different goals demand a different exercise approach. When you also consider individual fitness levels you can see why a tailored personal training plan is so important to achieve success.

A standard workout will be an hour long session and may include any of the following:
• Cardiovascular fitness
• Endurance training
• Strength training
• Hypertrophy training
• Flexibility
• Posture Correction
• Plyometrics

Don’t have much room at home? That’s fine, we can use your garden. Garden not an option? That’s not a problem either, I can meet you at a local park or on the seafront, you could even jog there as a warm-up!

Personal Training Prices
£35 per hour session
Off Peak (9am-4pm Mon-Fri)
£25 per hour session

Block booking discount –
10 Peak sessions – £280
10 Off Peak sessions – £200

Group discounts also available, please email for information

All sessions require 24 hours cancellation or full price will still be charged. All courses to be taken within 3 months of purchase.

“Hannah is very lovely and easy going. I never feel under pressure and I know she’ll understand if I need to take a breather. And if there is something I cannot do she will always be more than happy to swap it to another slightly different exercise that brings out the same affect. I definitely wake up the next morning aching all over!!! I’m very happy with my sessions and after months of searching for the perfect PT hannah is definitely very easy to talk to and lovely to train with :)”